Miksang Photography Instruction

Miksang is Tibetan for “Good Eye.” Miksang photography is a practice based on perception, how we see and ultimately experience the world. It is a practice based on awareness.

In the beginning, we practice contemplative photography and it trains us to synchronize our eye. Continued practice will eventually lead to synchronizing our eye, mind and heart with the world. When this happens a certain harmonization occurs.

Harmonization here refers to ‘without struggle’. We begin to relax and stop overthinking. When we stop overthinking we experience space. And space brings clarity. The end result is that we exit from our habitual routine of ‘not noticing’. We refocus and see in a fresh way.

Our camera serves as a tool to open to this space, to the world. Once we begin to start tuning into the world, or environment and begin the practice of synchronizing our eye and mind it will come with ease. This practice of synchronization with the world is referred to as a “Flash of Perception” (FoP).

Join me, Anna Hergert (Certified Nalanda Miksang Instructor) in exploring the phenomenal world while developing you “Good Eye”.

One and two-day workshops and in-depth online workshops covering Nalanda Miksang Levels 1 and 2 available. Contact <annahergert@me.com> for details and pricing.

I look forward to hearing from you,