Life Evolves…

For 4 1/2 years I posted a daily image and accompanying haiku. Lately it felt me like a routine. The deep appreciation and thought provoking experience became less sacred in a way. New ideas entered my consciousness and my decision to change focus began to take a stronger hold.

I still embrace the practice of contemplative photography, my Miksang practice. But a certain urge to return to my creative writing practice emerged. The path forward is never straight but it is filled with adventure and obstacles to be tackled.

Moving to a new and vastly different environment a little over six moths ago might be the primary influence in my change of direction. With the decision to let this blog go dormant for now I have started a new blog. is going live on June 1st, 2021. My Abot page is now live and you may sign up to receive notifications of new posts. I hope you migrate with me and lend your support as I forge ahead with new impressions in image and word.

Many thanks for your support over the years.
Best wishes, Anna